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Transition Program

The Transition Program is a personal and academic support program required as a condition of admission for selected Bridgewater students. The program is designed to provide personal and academic support, learning skills, academic advising and peer academic assistance.

Program Components

1. Class Schedule

For the fall semester, students register for a maximum of twelve credits. In spring, 12-15 credits, depending on student academic performance and decision of the program director.

Students must earn a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 and a grade of C for each course taken in the fall semester. The director of academic support arranges class schedules during the first year.

2. Academic Coach

Students meet every week with an academic coach, who is a trained, experienced BC student. Emphasis is on planning, organization and management of college work and meetings occur three times per week.

3. Student Progress

The director of academic support stays in regular contact with students regarding their personal and academic progress.

Program Requirements

Students are expected to attend all transition program sessions. Requirements are completed when all program components have been fulfilled.

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