BC Cares

Bridgewater College has a college-wide reporting system for the care and support of students.

Reporting is possible for a variety of behaviors, but if you are concerned about a student’s immediate health, safety or welfare, please call Campus Police & Safety at 540-828-5609. Officers can assist you with assessing the situation and determining if immediate intervention is necessary.

Report a student concern

Select and complete the online reporting form appropriate for your student concern. If you are not sure which form is applicable, please be sure to complete one of the reporting forms and it will be routed to the appropriate resource.  The first and most important step in helping a student is reporting the concern.

More about CARE team

CARE is short for Connection Assessment Referral Effort. The CARE team is a multi-disciplinary body of stakeholders from across the College that receive BC Care reports. CARE reports can address any behaviors that impact a student’s ability to be successful at Bridgewater College. It is important to recognize that behaviors that may be unique or eccentric are not always detrimental, dangerous or threatening. Once a report is received, the CARE team will collect any additional information needed and employ appropriate strategies for addressing the situation. The CARE team will keep the reporter informed of the team’s actions when possible; not all information can be shared due to confidentiality.

CARE team members

  • Liz Howley, Associate Vice President for Student Life, Chair of CARE Team
  • Shannon Pope, Case Manager for Student Success
  • Robert Hammill, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Heather Grant, Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine & Performance
  • Rev. Dr. Robbie Miller, College Chaplain
  • Anne Marsh, Director of Study Abroad
  • John Manson, Director of Student Outreach Services
  • Denise Miller, Director of Academic Support Services
  • Dr. Leslie Frere, VP for Student Life and Dean of Students
  • Dr. Courtney Zongrone, Director of Counseling Services

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