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480X Internship Program

When you do an internship at Bridgewater College, you’ll be doing more than just getting coffee and making copies—way more. You’ll make connections between what you learn on campus and a career in a field that matters to you. You’ll gain hands-on, real-world experience that allows you to confirm your career choice. You’ll demonstrate to potential employers not only the knowledge you’ve learned in the classroom but also the leadership, critical-thinking, communication and teamwork skills honed in a liberal-arts setting. And you’ll expand your network and make connections with professional contacts all before receiving your diploma. Internships ensure the transition from classroom to career is seamless and allow you to graduate job-ready with ample opportunities. 

480X: The Credited Internship 

Partner with a BC faculty member to complete a credited internship. Leverage your professor’s knowledge, guidance, and field connections along with your own unique skills and education.  


  • Must be a Rising Junior, Junior or Senior 
  • Must have completed a minimum of 60 academic credit hours 
  • Must have a minimum quality grade point average of 2.0 

480X Documents 

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