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Crime and Justice Minor

Crime and the criminal justice system

Interested in a career in law, law enforcement, forensic sciences, or treatment or rehabilitation of the convicted? Or maybe restorative justice or conflict mediation, victim recovery, or justice policy or advocacy? Minor in crime and justice at Bridgewater.

Our minor in crime and justice can be paired with a major in sociology or any other major that suits your career plans, such as psychology, political science, biology or chemistry.

You’ll gain a firm liberal arts perspective on crime and the criminal justice system. You’ll learn about what makes criminal offending more likely and what makes criminals “tick” (including “normal” citizens who just haven’t gotten caught). You’ll learn how our justice system works and, more importantly, where it has problems. Since these problems are issues you will likely face in the field, we help you be prepared to try to fix them, using sociological theory and the classic liberal arts tools of creativity, flexibility and adaptability. You will graduate ready to be a leader in your field and equipped to make change for the better.

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